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Away from the exciting and yet strict New York Fashion Week, London fashion week comenses. London always seems to be the centre of arts and fashion, full of exciting talent and integral talks of acceptance. The city may seem enigmatic, but upon entering, you feel a true Londoner. Everyone here has a goal, and the sheer amount of multiculturalism sweeps you up. Something about the manifestation of people is truly a great experience. Wanderers, dreamers, artists…people. LFW does nothing to tarnish the encounter, in fact, it heightens it. Designers from all around the world come together to display their art. Men and women’s fashion intermingled, with the buzzing culture of the arts. This fashion week saw a new era for fashion emerging. One where art may be combined with the present. The new accepting culture is mixed with English traditionalism to create a culture that many yearn for. Bloggers, Instagramers and reporters a like were left with much to absorb, as this London Fashion Week became the best one yet. And from home, I was religiously checking my social media feeds every second. In my awe and amazement, I have decided to compile a list of only some of my favourite shows that have seemed the most important.


One does not simply make a blog post about London Fashion Week without mentioning Burberry…

This years show did not disappoint. As the centre of attention for LFW, all eyes were on Makers house on the 19th of September. It seems like this year Christopher Bailey made a huge change to the art of fashion shows as we know it. A new scheme in which people could buy pieces from the catwalk after the show sees a new change for fashion. A mantra of ‘see-now-buy-now’ is over taking LFW, and the fashion world. In this show we saw men and women’s fashion side by side, and a new form of fashion emerging from the event. In contrast, the clothes, inspired by Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, hints at a collection inspired by the past. Old wallpaper prints, and ornate drummer boy jackets creates a vintage vibes for the spring summer trends. Golds, blues and reds keep the traditional Burberry style that we all know and love. However, we see the Burberry brand rewriting the conventions of catwalk shows. Remember this show that defines a change of the Burberry brand, and in fact, fashion shows as we know them.

Fyodor Golan

Alas, here I am again. Writing about the shows with bright colours, unique fabrics and quirky styles. I am constantly attracted to the most aesthetically pleasing catwalks shows. Although I am a massive advocate of high couture shows, the newer more futuristic looks really interest and attract me.

Bright colours seemed to be a massive theme running throughout Golan’s show. Blues, pinks,reds, oranges and greens. Despite the clashing colours, they work well together harmoniously, while still creating a striking look. The sheer amount of texture injected into this collection gives it a great sense of movement. Holographic materials, paired with denim, faux fur and sheer/lace materials hint at what is to come this spring summer. The childish and yet futuristic look of the collection just screams fun to me. Matched with brightly coloured trainers, I could not help but include this show into my favorites.

J JS Lee

The main thing that took my attention in this collection is the use of sheer tulle material. Standard, ‘normal’ clothing is spiced up with the material, which gives the clothes an added detail. Not apparent at first sight, the tulle gives the clothes a more angelic and light look.

Different from other shows, the clothes in this collection are wearable. Not too crazy. In fact, the clothes are sensible, using masculine figures to accentuate the elegance of a women’s figure. Monochrome tones used throughout the collection, with a few deep tones of blue and a few bright patterns indicate a lot of darker colours used in spring summer 2017. However, the tulle adds colour and definition into a otherwise bland outfits.

Marques’ Almeida

Again, Marques’ Almeida’s collection injects a sense of entertainment into LFW. Flower prints and delicate lace materials, are paired with denim and frayed edges. The romantic feel and style of the clothes are matched with more urban accessories and shoes. I think this perfectly encapsulates the atmosphere and mood of London. Traditionalism mixed with urban settings. London is steeped in history, and yet exerts business and innovation at it’s core. Something that this collection by relatively new designers Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida  have created. Despite being from Portugal, the collection screams modern London, which reflects the accepting society we live in. More silver fabrics give off a futuristic feel, and tulle fabric is used again to bring femininity and lightness to an otherwise urban collection. Paired with sculptured shoes and bad-ass boots, who could resist putting this collection in their LFW highlights?

Topshop Unique

Topshop Unique is another collection that I cannot help but put onto my highlights.Another year, and another success.

The over sized jackets are paired with more fitting skirts and dresses. I cannot help but feel excitement towards the 1980s vibes that this collection is giving off. Jumpers tucked into high-waisted loose fitting trousers that reminisces ski suits, as well as large jackets to hint at shell suit jackets. Like other collections at LFW, printed fabrics and denim seem to be a reoccurring theme. Masculine silhouettes which only accentuate hourglass figures, are balanced out with over sized everything. Hinting at what is to come this spring summer. Blacks, white and deep blues seemed to prevail in this collection, with only a few exceptions of bright pops of yellow and pink. This collection seems far from haute couture, and instead displays what appears to be a newly emerged theme in the fashion world. Urbanized pieces dominated this LFW, clothes that you could wear straight off of the catwalk. It seems that Topshop also have adopted the mantra of ‘see-now-wear-now’. And yet, it works. I cannot wait to see the same prints and over sized styles in my local Topshop this spring/summer. Oh, and the same style of shoe that varies only in colour is a nice touch! The hybrid of high heel and boots will look so good paired with either trousers or a dress.

          ‘It’s really important to be disruptive and do things that are actually kind of a little scary and bold’

-Christopher Bailey  


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