How To Style: Summer Accessories 2017


All sunglasses featured can be found via Warby Parker

Summer is undoubtedly one of the best seasons to style. It is time to shove all of your winter boots and thick coats to the back of your wardrobe in order to make room for bright colours and summer dresses.  While the British summer is not always adequate enough to be considered, well… as summer, the new season is always a fitting excuse to undertake a major wardrobe reshuffle and embrace lighter fabrics.

I’m no stranger to shopping. In fact, I take great comfort in bagging myself a few great core pieces to adapt to any outfits. However, in my career as a shopper the one thing that I struggle with has yet to finish haunting my high street escapades: accessories.

In winter it is easy enough to throw a scarf on and be done with it. No thoughts about being too warm, or accessories being a nuisance. The days of styling Autumn/ Winter outfits and throwing on a few basic accessories are behind us. We must now face the battle of not being too overboard with our choices of accessories for the summer months, while still adding something extra to complete a look.

During my never-ending endeavour to find the perfect accessories to complement my summer wardrobe, I stumbled upon the perfect solution: sunglasses.

This may seem obvious- indeed it is difficult not to see everyone sporting a shaded frame in summer. In fact, I rarely leave the house without a pair resting on my head. This proves they are the most versatile and necessary accessory in any summer outfit if you want to actually see when you step out of the house.


The super accessory can be added to any outfit to instantly add a bit of demure to an otherwise simple look. However, through the summer period I have been through hundreds of pairs. Endless scrolls through Asos and picking up a £2 pair of sunnies from Primark every time I walk past have not lasted me well. The frames also don’t provide a great selection. So, with the weather getting warmer, I decided it is time to start looking to upgrading.

While it is easy enough to follow the trends and order those tortoise shell cat eye frames that you saw Kendall Jenner styling on Instagram; a number of other factors must be considered before pressing ‘confirm’. The shape of your face being the most notable. Admittedly, my slightly rounded face and has prevented me from pulling off many chic Instagram worthy frames. Most retailers show models with thin, pointy faces presenting the glasses and really not giving off the most realistic representation of what the sunglasses will really look like.

After many orders and endless disappointments- the answer to my sun shaded eyes appeared in the form of a website link. Warby Parker the retailer that is the answer to every sunglasses lover’s prayers. Upon entering the website, you can take a frame quiz that asks a series of questions that concern face shape, colour, materials and personal preference. From that, you may make a calculated decision- or rather they do it for you- on which frames suit your face best. In other words, they do all the work for you.  Click on sunglasses from there and the sun shaded world is your oyster.

However, what excited me most was the announcement of a new collection, available at Warby Parker from May 9th.


This new collection seems to be all about colour. With the new season, there is no better opportunity to sport a pair of vibrant frames. Similar to the colourful sunglasses found at Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci this Summer 2017. Favouring a mirrored lens, the slightly rounded frames are flattering on most face shapes and often a safe bet when you’re not sure which would suit you best. My favourite pair are the blue tinted rounded frames as I find them versatile and a perfect match for most of my summer wardrobe.

All glasses can be found here.


‘Sometimes you just have to bite your upper lip and put sunglasses on’

-Bob Dylan


Stocking Fillers Under £20

It seems like Christmas has popped out of no where this year. One minute, I was starting the new year by setting up my blog, and the next minute it was time to get the decorations out from the attic and start the exciting and yet arduous process of Christmas shopping.

With the shock of Christmas coming so early, the inevitable rush of shopping commences. Whether you’ve put off going shopping this year or you have absolutely no idea what to get the person in your life, I guarantee you there is some one in the same position. Often Christmas shopping can be difficult, especially if you are on a budget. In light of this struggle, I have put together a list of items and advice of gifts that are assured to be great presents for a range of different personalities. Stay calm and happy shopping!

Always remember…

  1. Steer clear of clothes unless you know the person extremely well (and they have directly hinted of what they would like as well as telling you their size), everybody has their own personal style and it is better to get them something else rather than getting them something that will only gather dust and take up space. That being said, pyjamas make a great present and are sized a lot more effectively (when in doubt, most people will take a medium as lounge-wear is meant to be over sized).
  2. DO NOT BUY SHOES. Slippers and socks, yes. But not shoes. If you do, make sure to include a gift receipt.
  3. Jewelry can be great, but make sure it is dainty and not too much of a statement. It is better to go for plainer and yet pretty bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Steer clear of rings as it is difficult to estimate size.
  4. Think about every thing you use and like, but you never buy for yourself. Socks, slippers, stationary, bath stuff. These are usually always successful presents, and shops such as Boots (look out for their great 3 for 2 offer that runs for the festive period) and Lush always have great sets with a range of prices that will accommodate any budgets.
  5. If in doubt, give a gift card. It may seem slightly impersonal, but remember that it would be better to get a gift that you can personalise to yourself than something that you would not enjoy.



Paperchase Notebook £12

NYX Lip and Eye Collection £15

Soap and Glory Clean Get Away Gift Set £10

Sanctuary Candle £10

Primark Slipper Socks £3

Inside Vogue £11.89

Little Women £7.49

Charlotte Tilbury Party Eyes Kit £20

Lush Golden Wonder Set £9.95

New Look Pyjamas £7.49

New Look Mug £5.99

Lindt Chocolate

‘Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping’

-Bo Derek

Autumn Trends

Let’s get physical 

Thanks to Balenciaga’s Autumn Winter 2016 collection, sportswear has risen in popularity for this AW. Available and shown in most high street stores, their is no escaping this trend. Be gym ready and dress down in comfortable, yet stylish clothes this season. Look for block stripes and blue and red colours to style this trend. Baseball caps and gym bags to accessorize.

Autumn trends 2016 sports

1 ) New Look Jacket £19.99

2 ) New Look Block Stripe Jumper £15.99

3 ) New Look Cap £9.99

4 ) Topshop Joggers £34

5 ) Topshop Net crop top £15.00


It’s safe to say that velvet completely dominated A/W 16 fashion shows. From Prada, to Preen. This 90’s trend can be translated into your modern clothes. For a subtle look, combine the accessory trend of chokers, with velvet, and add a hint of velvet into your look. Velvet works well to create texture into your outfit. In a variety of colours, experiment with crushed and ruched velvet.


1 ) New Look Navy Velvet Funnel Neck Dress £24.99

2 ) Pink Velvet Tiger Kimono £68.00

3 ) Boohoo Crushed Velvet Full Skirt £5.00

4 ) Boohoo Velvet Choker £3.00


As seen by Kylie Jenner modelling in the Mui Mui AW16 show, military is making a comeback this season. Look for anything khaki and style with browns and beige’s. Look for badges and chains to accessorize.


1 ) Topshop Military Trench Coat £59.00

2 ) New Look Khaki Military Long Sleeve Shirt £17.99

3 ) New Look Khaki Military Badge Cap £9.99

4 ) River Island Camel Military Culottes £20

5 ) H & M Khaki Long Shirt £14.99

‘What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts go so fast. Fashion is instant language’

-Miuccia Prada

Back To School Essentials

When starting school, it is hard to know what you will need throughout the day. It is good to be prepared, but your shoulders are already being worn down by the large folders and bulky text books. And besides, by the end of the week, half of your stuff is missing and opened and you can’t even find a pen to write down important notes. We’ve all been there and pre-planning has never been one of my strong points. There is also the never ending struggle between finding effective products and the money you can spend. Students, notorious for being low on money, often have minimum wage jobs (if lucky enough to obtain one!), so must find the balance between finding good essentials, at an even better price. In order to prepare for the upcoming school year myself, I have compiled a list of the things that I most need for the school year, and share it with you in case you are wondering the same.


1 ) H&M Shopper Bag £17.99 – I am the worst at finding suitable and fashionable bags for school. In fact, anyone who I am with when I mention I need to look for one while shopping, rolls their eyes and groan in frustration. I can be very picky when finding bags, as I want them to look fashionable, yet remain suitable. They have to be big enough and strong enough. When faced with the start of a new term, I often turn to H&M for a new bag, as they always have very good and bags. Both basic and stylish for school. I found this one almost immediately when I walked into my local store. It came in black and this burgundy colour, I have many black bags so I decided to go for burgundy, it also conforms to the 1970s trend, which I am a massive fan of. And it is an affordable price as well!

2 ) Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19 – This is always my go to concealer, whatever the occasion, but especially for school. It really covers blemishes and dark circles (essential for school!), while still feeling really light on the skin. Again at an affordable price, this concealer is easy to slip into your bag and take out after PE or when you need a top up. I always take this with me and cannot recommend it enough!

3 ) Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder £3.99 – Throughout the school day, it is inevitable that your makeup is going to rub off of your face, and your skin turn shiny and oily. Especially after a PE lesson! Pressed powder is definitely best, as there is less of a chance of spillage and it is a lot more easy and convenient to use. Powder helps to keep your makeup fresh and looking nice. I love this Rimmel powder, as it is inexpensive and easy to take around. As for application, I have an old, small brush (probably very cheap as well) that I take around. Your brush does not need to be great when just being used in school.

4 ) Hand Gel £1.00 – I am a complete germaphobe. Obviously, when you’re in a building full of people, germs are inevitable. This is always handy to use before you eat, as you do not always have access to toilets, or have no desire to go in them (understandable). Even if you just want to sanitize hands, this is always just great to use. This is cheap and effective, and people will quickly want to be your friend as you are the only one who thinks of these things!

5 ) Nivea Lip Balm £1.65 – My lips always get dry, especially as we move into the colder months. This lip balm is convenient and handy to use, and quite inexpensive, as it lasts a long time. It helps dry and cracked lips, which can be painful. I also love shea butter! If your school does not allow lip colours, use a clear lip balm like this, but if you can get away with coloured lip, I recommend Baby Lips, which moisturize your lips while adding a subtle colour.

6 ) Lush Charity Pot £1.00 – Again, I always get dry hands in the colder months. After many tried and tested products, I found that charity pot works best for my skin. The trial size is only £1, and most of the proceeds go to charity. It is a perfect size and works wonders on my dry skin. The only issue is, obviously, it is in a pot, therefore it can be quite difficult and messy to get the lotion on your hands. Regardless, this product is one of my absolute essentials for school.

7 ) Impulse Body Spray £1.00 – Smelling nice is always a concern when at school. Whether after PE, or just in the middle of the day, it is nice to feel fresh. Be mindful of your schools rules on aerosols, but this impulse spray is cheap and easy to slip into your bag. Although not the most luxurious of scents, they are nice and easy to use. Definitely a must have.

‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’ 

-Eleanor Roosevelt



Why I Love Fashion, But Hate Shopping.


I am writing this blog post after a full day of shopping in Birmingham, or, lack of it.

It is no secret to anyone who knows me, that I love fashion. I love wearing it, styling it, writing about it and I even intend to work in the industry when I’m older. However, when the opportunity arises to go out to a big shopping centre, although initially keen, I often shy away and never leave with anything that I want. Sometimes I even buy stuff that I don’t even like, just so I leave with something and not feel as if I have wasted a day.

I’m not sure when my shopping habits developed like this. At the age of eleven I would have jumped at the chance to go to a big shopping centre and spend money on clothes. But at the age of seventeen, I struggle to leave with one piece of clothing without doubting myself. Perhaps it is my hesitation to spend money (as it is my own and I have the ever impending threat of budgeting at university), my picky style or even my lack of self confidence.

Since my early teenage years, my perception of myself changed. It is still changing and evolving. This is true of both my style and opinion of myself. Obviously, as I have gotten older, I have refined my style of clothing and have in consequence, become more picky in what I buy. Meaning, there is less clothing available that I like enough to buy. Sometimes, I can become narrow minded in my shopping, I have a particular style (that evolves during the seasons), that often I scrunch up my face and scoff at some pieces on the shelves. This does not mean, however, that there is nothing for me to buy. But I still leave shops empty handed.

Why do I do this? I think perhaps the biggest  obstacle to my shopping experience is my ever building self doubt. About both whether I love the piece enough to commit to buying it, and whether it actually looks nice and compliments my figure. Clearly, my lack of enthusiasm to spend money does not help, but I think my problem is how I view myself. You cannot enjoy shopping until you learn to love yourself.

Every time I emerge from Topshop changing rooms, the wish that I had a thinner body and a fatter purse circulates around my brain (which is rubbish!). Coupled with the busy atmosphere of shoppers, I often feel flustered and rushed. I then give up on the day and start to feel tired and overwhelmed at only 1 o’ clock. I then go home, and regret that I did not buy anything. I even avoid sales, because the amount of people rummaging and the vast number of clothes that are hanging half off of hangers, scares me.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I will buy lots when shopping, but I often find it difficult to find a happy medium. I either leave with lots of clothes (some that I am not even that crazy on), or I leave with nothing at all. I follow fashion closely, and in my mind I know exactly what kind of clothes I want and what my style is, but I can never find that in shops. For these reasons, I tend to sway towards online shopping, as I get to examine all of the brands and styles, without the pressure of shopping centers. However, with this technique I often disregard the concept of saving money, as it is a lot harder to visualize the amount of money you are spending. Plus, half of the fun of shopping is browsing clothes and trying them on.

As aforementioned and probably evident from my previous blog posts, I am a major follower of clothes and fashion. My distaste for shopping has developed from my lack of self confidence and budgeting issues. In order to tackle this, I have come up with simple steps…

  1. Look online before you go at the sorts of clothes/the style that you want and where to get them.
  2. Make sure you are not feeling low on body confidence. Try on some more daring outfits, you never know, it might suit you!
  3. Go with somebody who does not mind going back and forth to shops as you doubt and become indecisive on what you want to buy.
  4. Have a good breakfast and lunch to keep you fueled throughout the day.
  5. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes!
  6. Go to the best shopping place. If big shopping centers are not your thing (they definitely aren’t mine!), then go to a smaller town with good shops that is perhaps a bit more open (do some research on shops local to you).
  7. Relax! Don’t try to find something you love, but rather something you like and you will practically wear. Do not, under any circumstances, buy something you do not like just for the sake of it. If all else fails, there is always online shopping!

I have put together this blog post after a long reflection on my shopping habits. I must not be the only person who feels like this. In the hopes that this helps people who are feeling the same way, please let me know if you also experience this. Remember, fashion is great but shopping is something completely separate, it can be an enjoyable experience. Try and slowly get back into it by entering with a different perspective.

‘Self love is the elixir of an immortal heart’

-Amy Leigh Mercree

High End Makeup Wishlist

I have made another wishlist yet again. This time I look to high end makeup, which, due to the price, I do not buy a lot. I often try to save enough money and treat myself, but I am definitely a high street girl. However, I often compile a list to dream about what I want…


1 ) NARS Laguna Bronzer (£27.50) This is hardly a new or unfamiliar product to many, but I still have yet to try it. I am fairly new to the enigmatic world of bronzing, but I am slowly picking up tips a long the way. From watching countless tutorials on YouTube, I have found that many beauty gurus use this sacred bronzer on every look. In the hopes that it will give me an easy applicant and chiseled cheekbones, this bronzer has pride of place on my wishlist.

2 ) MAC Prep and Prime (£17.50) I use my L’Oreal setting spray every day, and I swear by it. You realise the beauty and necessity of the fixing spray after the first time you use it. My makeup stays in place all day and it easily applies, at the end of my makeup look (and before makeup application for extra hold!). In the hopes that the setting spray will be as good as the high street option, as well as following all of the glowing reviews circling the blogosphere, I really want to give this spray a go.

3 ) Kat Von D’Shade + Light Contour Palette Again, I am new to the world of bronzing and following the great reviews, I really want to check out what this palette will do for me. However, I am not new to the world of highlighting, and I really want to see the effectiveness of the highlighter, as I love to brighten up my face. I am also a fan of the convenience of both the bronzer and highlighter being on one palette.

4 ) MAC Veluxe pearlfusion shadow: Brownluxe (£25.00) Eye shadow is one of my favourite items of make up to buy. I love getting different colours for the new seasons. My favourite look is often a smokey eye, however I often don’t like the look to be too intense. These softer colours will be perfect for my taste- and I love glitter eye shadows! I think it adds effortless glamour to a look, and the colours will be perfect for autumn.

5 ) NAKED SKIN Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer (£17.50) If I had to live with only one make up item for the rest of my life, it would definitely be concealer. It is an essential, both to cover blemishes and dark circles, and to brighten up your face. I currently use Collection Lasting Perfection, and have heard that the Urban Decay Naked Concealer is just as creamy and has a variety of shades to match your skin tone. I have have very pale skin and often struggle to find a shade lighter than my own skin.

6 ) My Make-Up Brush Set 10 Piece Oval Brush Set (£19.99) Although this is not seen as ‘high end’, due to the affordability of the whole set, these are high end standard. In fact, I think these might be the cheaper options. After seeing a tutorial using these brushes on Facebook, I have had my eyes on them. Currently I use Real Techniques (see review here), but I am intrigued by the shape of the brushes and really want to check them out, to see if they are worth the hype.

7 ) NAKED Eyeshadow Palette (£38.50) Again, I think I am the last person in the world to get this palette, but i have yet to find an ample opportunity. I love the colours and the pigment of the palette and I do not have a proper explanation as to why I don’t own this infamous palette yet!

8 ) MAC Lipstick in Sequin (£15.00) I love MAC lipsticks, after receiving my first earlier this year, I have fallen in love. My shade is Faux, as I love nude lipsticks with pink undertone. This lipstick is more pink, with sparkles dispersed throughout. This offers a little bit of sparkle and an effortless brightness to your look.

9 ) Benefit POREfessional face primer balm (£24.50) I am not the biggest user of primer, as I would always much rather buy a new foundation or eye shadow, and I often forget their existence. However, I have loved all of the ones I have tried (especially Instablur from The Body Shop !). Many beauty professionals swear by this product, and I want to see if it is really worth the price. However, for me, £24.50 seems like a hefty investment for a primer. I have always wimped out of spending that much.

10 ) Laura Mercier Face Illuminator (£31) During a recent trip to Birmingham, I walked up to the Laura Mercier stand to be faced with with gorgeous highlighter. Unfortunately it was out of stock, but I could not get the beautiful shade out of my mind. So, it takes pride of place on my wishlist to be (hopefully!) purchased in the future. It was a lovely colour and extremely pigmented, brightening, but not too glittery.

    ‘There wouldn’t be a sky full of stars if we were all meant to wish on the same one’

-Frances Clark

Social Media Aesthetics

As part of a new segment on my blog, I am going to show all of my favourite images that I have accumulated over the month.

I am constantly looking to Pinterest for inspiration, as it offers images from Valentino’s latest collection to quotes and photography. I am a very visual person, so compiling a picture collage allows me to see the colours I am loving and how they look together.

This month, I have been very inspired by the summer weather, as well as combining that with childish images, makes a playful and freeing aspect to summer. A time to have fun. This is reflected in the textures I have included, as well as the soft images displaying important messages. I am also really inspired by the beautiful flowers we have in summer. With pastel colours and hints of yellow (my favourite), I hope to have conveyed summer.

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Source- Pinterest

‘I think flowers are very beautiful things. Very nice and innocent things. They don’t harm anybody.’