Gucci Spring/Summer 2017

pic-2In spirit of my never ending endeavor to know absolutely everything about the fashion weeks, by religiously updating my Twitter and Instagram feeds, and social-media-stalking everybody at the event, the Gucci SS17 show completely stole my attention.

The event was completely decked out in 1970s-esque furniture. Plush walls and carpets. Everything in the room was plastered in a vibrant pink/red colour. Alessandro Michele’s creation meant that everyone in attendance was submerged into a dark, smokey bar, old Hollywood glamour was oozing out of everything from the decor.

As per usual, Michele’s shows offers an escapism which is shown from the moment you walk through the door to one of the most sought after shows in the whole of Milan Fashion Week. The clothes only emphasize this sentiment.

There is never a hint of minimalist in the designs at Gucci. The collections are always injected with texture and experimental materials. Michele is skilled in the art of picking both the beautiful and the strange from the terrain  of his mind. The vast collection shows his different mental process’ of Michele, and the collection shows how he manages to pull them together in a succinct assembly that just works. 

Ever aware of their established status as a high couture fashion house, delicate tulle materials are used in flowing gowns, paired with rich, natural colours that prove that the Gucci brand is as demure as ever.

Perhaps this is the most Gucci like show we have ever seen from creative director Alessandro Michele. The weird was next to the wonderful, the collection intended to tell a story ‘steeped in wonder’. The clothes display ‘wonder, phantasmagoria and unorthodoxy’. For me, that is what defines Gucci. Testing the boundaries and being experimental with clothes, while still retaining the established and high fashion name that they have earned for themselves.

In terms of the clothing, it is evident that the 1980’s influence is still a strong running theme throughout the collection. Strong and bold ruffles dominated the catwalk, paired with both coarse and more delicate materials. Despite the setting, 1980’s appear to be the ‘in’ trend for Spring Summer 2017.

Red leather, power suits and graphic tees were spotted down the catwalk. It appears masculine figures, bold colours and all of the eccentricities of the 1980’s will be welcomed back in the new season. One of my personal favourite items of the show were the extremely embellished bomber jackets, with a homage to Elton John on the back. Having the privilege of meeting the man, Michele shows his admiration of John’s music in the throw back theme running through the collection.


Despite the abundance of kooky designs, the effortless couture of Gucci was apparent. True to the brand, a lot of the inspiration was taken from Renaissance fashion. The new birth could be an indication of a changing of the brand. Being in full stride in his career, most people know what to expect from Michele’s designs. Experimental materials, inspiration from different time periods and a vast pick-‘n-mix of textures. This collection produced much of the same, and yet, millions are still drawn to it. The hats are a major talking point in this show, and the makeup gave a theatrical effect. Perhaps Michele is trying to change a long with couture fashion. His fun shows overload your senses with production. But, it is selling.

Gold embroidery hints at the medieval renaissance period. Romanticism may be combined with modern times to create a hybrid of art.


The hats were big, and the make up sometimes a bit too theatrical, but I cannot deny the youthful energy that Michele puts into his work. The excitement and escapism that run through the collections complement the Gucci brand that has built it up, while also experimenting with new designs and materials. The reference to different subcultures and times in history make the show enticing and irresistible.

As well as being experimental, the collection was daring. Big coats embroidered with the number 25 (Michele’s lucky number) and dresses with big hearts plastered on them. With awards season coming up, I cannot wait to see what Gucci we will see on the red carpet.

The promise of Gucci shows that no matter what is happening in the outside world, and how fashion is changing, you may always escape in to the art and poetic intentions. The 250,000 bead sequins surrounding the room echo the meaning of the clothes, art, no matter how kooky or subjective, may always be translated into the world. This Gucci show provided an escapism, that we all long for.

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‘Contemporary is whatever your head wants it to be’

-Alessandro Michele



#LFW Highlights

Away from the exciting and yet strict New York Fashion Week, London fashion week comenses. London always seems to be the centre of arts and fashion, full of exciting talent and integral talks of acceptance. The city may seem enigmatic, but upon entering, you feel a true Londoner. Everyone here has a goal, and the sheer amount of multiculturalism sweeps you up. Something about the manifestation of people is truly a great experience. Wanderers, dreamers, artists…people. LFW does nothing to tarnish the encounter, in fact, it heightens it. Designers from all around the world come together to display their art. Men and women’s fashion intermingled, with the buzzing culture of the arts. This fashion week saw a new era for fashion emerging. One where art may be combined with the present. The new accepting culture is mixed with English traditionalism to create a culture that many yearn for. Bloggers, Instagramers and reporters a like were left with much to absorb, as this London Fashion Week became the best one yet. And from home, I was religiously checking my social media feeds every second. In my awe and amazement, I have decided to compile a list of only some of my favourite shows that have seemed the most important.


One does not simply make a blog post about London Fashion Week without mentioning Burberry…

This years show did not disappoint. As the centre of attention for LFW, all eyes were on Makers house on the 19th of September. It seems like this year Christopher Bailey made a huge change to the art of fashion shows as we know it. A new scheme in which people could buy pieces from the catwalk after the show sees a new change for fashion. A mantra of ‘see-now-buy-now’ is over taking LFW, and the fashion world. In this show we saw men and women’s fashion side by side, and a new form of fashion emerging from the event. In contrast, the clothes, inspired by Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, hints at a collection inspired by the past. Old wallpaper prints, and ornate drummer boy jackets creates a vintage vibes for the spring summer trends. Golds, blues and reds keep the traditional Burberry style that we all know and love. However, we see the Burberry brand rewriting the conventions of catwalk shows. Remember this show that defines a change of the Burberry brand, and in fact, fashion shows as we know them.

Fyodor Golan

Alas, here I am again. Writing about the shows with bright colours, unique fabrics and quirky styles. I am constantly attracted to the most aesthetically pleasing catwalks shows. Although I am a massive advocate of high couture shows, the newer more futuristic looks really interest and attract me.

Bright colours seemed to be a massive theme running throughout Golan’s show. Blues, pinks,reds, oranges and greens. Despite the clashing colours, they work well together harmoniously, while still creating a striking look. The sheer amount of texture injected into this collection gives it a great sense of movement. Holographic materials, paired with denim, faux fur and sheer/lace materials hint at what is to come this spring summer. The childish and yet futuristic look of the collection just screams fun to me. Matched with brightly coloured trainers, I could not help but include this show into my favorites.

J JS Lee

The main thing that took my attention in this collection is the use of sheer tulle material. Standard, ‘normal’ clothing is spiced up with the material, which gives the clothes an added detail. Not apparent at first sight, the tulle gives the clothes a more angelic and light look.

Different from other shows, the clothes in this collection are wearable. Not too crazy. In fact, the clothes are sensible, using masculine figures to accentuate the elegance of a women’s figure. Monochrome tones used throughout the collection, with a few deep tones of blue and a few bright patterns indicate a lot of darker colours used in spring summer 2017. However, the tulle adds colour and definition into a otherwise bland outfits.

Marques’ Almeida

Again, Marques’ Almeida’s collection injects a sense of entertainment into LFW. Flower prints and delicate lace materials, are paired with denim and frayed edges. The romantic feel and style of the clothes are matched with more urban accessories and shoes. I think this perfectly encapsulates the atmosphere and mood of London. Traditionalism mixed with urban settings. London is steeped in history, and yet exerts business and innovation at it’s core. Something that this collection by relatively new designers Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida  have created. Despite being from Portugal, the collection screams modern London, which reflects the accepting society we live in. More silver fabrics give off a futuristic feel, and tulle fabric is used again to bring femininity and lightness to an otherwise urban collection. Paired with sculptured shoes and bad-ass boots, who could resist putting this collection in their LFW highlights?

Topshop Unique

Topshop Unique is another collection that I cannot help but put onto my highlights.Another year, and another success.

The over sized jackets are paired with more fitting skirts and dresses. I cannot help but feel excitement towards the 1980s vibes that this collection is giving off. Jumpers tucked into high-waisted loose fitting trousers that reminisces ski suits, as well as large jackets to hint at shell suit jackets. Like other collections at LFW, printed fabrics and denim seem to be a reoccurring theme. Masculine silhouettes which only accentuate hourglass figures, are balanced out with over sized everything. Hinting at what is to come this spring summer. Blacks, white and deep blues seemed to prevail in this collection, with only a few exceptions of bright pops of yellow and pink. This collection seems far from haute couture, and instead displays what appears to be a newly emerged theme in the fashion world. Urbanized pieces dominated this LFW, clothes that you could wear straight off of the catwalk. It seems that Topshop also have adopted the mantra of ‘see-now-wear-now’. And yet, it works. I cannot wait to see the same prints and over sized styles in my local Topshop this spring/summer. Oh, and the same style of shoe that varies only in colour is a nice touch! The hybrid of high heel and boots will look so good paired with either trousers or a dress.

          ‘It’s really important to be disruptive and do things that are actually kind of a little scary and bold’

-Christopher Bailey  

#NYFW Highlights

Being from England, New York seems like another planet. The style and culture have always been alluring, and yet inaccessible. Being a countryside girl, the promise of a fast paced and exciting environment is thrilling, and yet terrifying. Even in my trip to London, I found it difficult to comprehend the tunnel vision that city dwellers adopt. But I found myself captivated, involved and exhilarated.

I digress, but my thoughts are that I have never really given much attention to New York Fashion Week. Of course, I look at the pictures, retweet and read up on the shows, but that is as far as my involvement go’s. Compared to London Fashion Week, I have never really paid much attention to it. I suppose my distance from the show contributes, but to be frank, New York feels like an enigmatic world in which I am not involved. The strictness of the couture fashion differs greatly from the urban freeing atmosphere of LFW.

Wrongfully so, I have avoided delving in deeper to the NYFW world. This year, I have decided to change and really research the big world of New York fashion. I discovered that my aversions were not well founded and I have found the week just as great and thrilling as London. With just as much street style and talent. So, in my excitement, and frustration that I did not research this world earlier, I have decided to compile a blog post of my personal favourite highlights of NYFW.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta’s Spring 2017 runway show previewed a collection by new creative directors Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim. Renta’s name is iconic in the fashion world, and the collection was inevitably going to attract attention. For me, this collection echoed the essence of Oscar de la Renta throughout. Casual comfort met finesse. Ditching the high heels, comfortable and yet stylish sandals were worn by the models. White, fine lace was used throughout the collection, and white airy materials seems to be a favourite for this upcoming spring. Multicoloured fabrics and bold patterns also make an appearance, hinting towards the new Spring style for the season.

Thom Browne

The first word that comes to my mind when describing this collection is…fun. Perhaps different from the majority of other couture shows, Browne has injected a lot of youthful energy into his spring 2017 ready-to-wear collection. With materials and silhouette shapes that give a distinct nod to the 1960s, a certain amount of polished youth culture and rebellion is echoed throughout the clothes. This is perhaps one of my favourite shows of NYFW, the wacky setting with the clothes makes for a very exciting collection. Cartoon-esque bows and clothing, odd shoes and bright colours, who can resist? Browne also delivers many pastel colours, A-line dresses and dropped waistline to hint upcoming trends in spring 2017.

Tommy Hilfiger

As is his custom, Hilfiger gave a nod towards the nautical theme in his Spring ready-to-wear collection. With Gigi Hadid walking down the pier in  a navy ensemble, I couldn’t help but include this show in my highlights. After stalking everybody that was lucky enough to be invited to the show, it seems that the opening was very fun, and the setting a talking point for the rest of NYFW. Lots of neckties that resemble bandannas from the old American west, were worn. Hilfiger also adopted a few sporty looks into his collection, making it a great mix of sporty and nautical casual, with dresses and high leathers to make the show more edgy.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is one of the few designers who still churn out the good old fashioned fashion shows, in which people can sit down in a building and watch the art move past them. This is becoming increasingly rare in the fast paced and ever changing world of fashion, but it seems that Beckham is sticking to her roots. Not only that, but the show is good. The beginning of her fashion career, Beckham was faced with a lot of skepticism. But, through this fashion week especially, I think she has proved those critics wrong. Her collection is simple and yet elegant. The slouchy styles shows a bohemian vibes with structured garments. Beckham tackles the best of masculine trends, adding vibrant colours to spice up the simple garments. Simple and wearable, while still reaching effortless style.

Tune in for some more on New York Fashion Week and updates on the upcoming London Fashion Week.

‘You can never be overdressed or over educated’

-Oscar Wilde  

The #LFW Effect

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Ever since I first found out about London Fashion Week, I have religiously checked for updates. I used to marvel at the gorgeous fabrics, the shimmer of sequins and the wonderful array of trends. Now, with social media, I spend the whole five days updating Twitter and stalking the Instagram’s of designers and models alike. Despite never attending any shows in fashion week, it is safe to say that I am pretty obsessed with the cultural chaos that is London Fashion Week.

I believe that LFW was the triggering event that made me realise my love of fashion. When I was younger, and asked what I wanted to be when I was older, the answer was always: Fashion. I wanted to create, design and immerse myself in the culture. Whatever way, I’ve always wanted to be in the fashion world.

With wide eyes, I looked at the shows. Chanel, Dior, Prada. I gawked and absorbed. The fascination and bubbling excitement I felt towards this week has not died, but perhaps gotten stronger with the prospect of LFW becoming part of my job.

Definite that I was going to become a fashion designer, it was not until I really researched into fashion week that I found out about fashion journalism. And, alas, here I am. 10 years later writing on my fashion blog and looking to study journalism at university.

In my mind, I imagined LFW up to be this glamorous and extravagant world. Full of opportunity and wonder, as the FROW snap pictures and look on in interest. The creme de la creme of fashion. The enigmatic and foreign world certainly made me realise my dreams and undoubtedly the dreams of thousands of others.

LFW has changed since I first discovered it. The shows were art. 2015 seemed to be the ‘death’ of fashion. Raf left Dior, Alber Elbaz left Lanvin, shows adopted the ‘buy now, wear now’ mantra. ‘Fast fashion’ has now swept up the entire fashion world, and the art form seemed to be dwindling out. With the ever evolving world of social media, we see it creeping into the fashion weeks. Models Snap chatting, designers uploading to Instagram. While I am not opposed to using technology, in all honesty I encourage it, I feel like the essential art of fashion is escaping us. I feel that it is no longer the essential art form that I first discovered.

Don’t get me wrong, I still marvel over the beauty and completely freak out when I see the Chanel and Balmain shows in their respective Fashion Weeks. But, as I have changed, so has London Fashion Week.

The ‘new age’ of fashion may be challenging for some, but this London Fashion Week, I hope to embrace it. For ages, I felt saddened by the evolving of fashion, but writing this post made me realise something. Although I found like I am complaining, I still love fashion. LFW still holds the same amount of wonder and excitement for me. I should stop contemplating the change of fashion, and instead embrace it. The art of the fashion is still there, the passion is still there, and most importantly my love of the culture. Whether it is the high-end, luxurious couture, or fashion bloggers snapping their street style outside, I love the culture.

So, yes, fashion has changed. London Fashion Week has evolved and developed. Although it might not be what it used to be, there is still undoubtedly phenomenal talent, translating their art form into the modern world. LFW will still hold an important part in the fashion world. From my 10 year old, fashion obsessed self, to now, LFW still means the same. It is the promise of my dream life, of the hope of fashion, the culture and life of fashions greats, brought together for a shared love.

Despite never being to one, London Fashion Week has changed my life and my dreams.

‘Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening’

-Coco Chanel  

Ode To My Last Year.


I am writing this the evening before the 5th of September (Edit: it was posted later). The day I go back to school for year 13. Even typing that seems surreal. I can remember my first day of school, all nerves with bubbles of excitement running through my body, and now I am about to embark on my last year in the education system. And then, university and adult life…

It is easy to get frustrated at school, and look forward to when it is over. School is, after all, a very stressful time, full of emotions, pressures and change. I often think to myself (or moan out loud to my friends!), ‘this week is dragging’ or ‘I can’t wait for this lesson to be over’. But now on reflection, I realise that my time at school has literally flown by. I know the phrase ‘it will be over before you know it’ is overused and most of you reading are rolling your eyes right now, but the reality is, that is true.

I speak from a privileged position. I am currently very happy with most of my school, the happiest I’ve ever been in the education system. Although I’ve had tough and rocky moments, I am not being bullied and I have a fantastic group of friends. Therefore, this post may seem stupid to some of you, as I talk about how to make the most of your last year at school, while you are counting down the says until you can leave.

School is a strange thing. Tough moments and challenges all seem forgotten once you have broken up for summer and you are getting ready for a new year. Personally, I get excited the night before I go back. The prospect of a new year. Changes. Different classes. I get to see my new friends, and I have the nicest new stationary to begin the new term. Yes, after the first week, the novelty wears off. Excitement of a new class turns into dread as you realise you have 3 essays due in on the same day and you cannot stop watching YouTube or procrastinating by doing everything but doing your work. Your new stationary starts dwindling down, until all you are left with is your bog standard Biro pen. And the prospect of a new day turns into grunts of annoyance because it. is. just. too. damn. early.

But yes. Overall, I do enjoy school.

It may get on my nerves a bit, but you can’t have everything.

But looking back, I have learnt so much in my education. Not just pointless facts that I no longer need such as Pythagoras’ theorem, or the formation of an oxbow lake. But I think I have developed most socially and emotionally. Learning things is not always about academics, but rather how you cope with school. I have decided to share some of the things that I appreciate about school, and what I have learnt over the past 13 years of my life.

It does not matter. I think, perhaps, this is the most important lesson I have learnt while at school. That test that you are stressing over, the person who you are worried to see or the topic you just cannot understand. All of it does not matter. While at school, this piece of advice is the hardest to comprehend. It seems like the entire world depends on the decision you make, as the pressure of school is astronomical, and you are at a rather awkward time in your development and growth. But once you get that in your head, your school time will come easily. Time flies, and in truth, you probably won’t see anyone from school after you leave, and definitely if you do not want to. So, do not put pressure on yourself as it will probably be fine.

Do not surround yourself with negative people. Whether you are feeling negative and sad with your current friends, or struggling to find the courage to leave your group, do it. Speaking from personal experience, trying to grasp and cling on to a friendship that is no longer there is damaging and not worth it. People change, and so will you. My friendship groups have inevitably morphed and changed through my time at school, and if you are at all feeling sad or wrong with your friends, change it. It is within your power only. The all consuming feeling of being worried to be around them is bad for you. If you are worried about what they will say, refer back to my first point. But in order to find a better friendship group for you, I recommend becoming closer to other people who are nice to you and willing to be your friend, this is actually easier than you first imagine. And then, either talk to the group and explain your feelings, or, if it is easier for you, just leave them. It will blow over, and if they do not respect your choices, they are not good enough people for you to worry about.

Not everybody will get along. This is perhaps the one that I realized latest. But once I did figure this out, my life at school became a lot easier and less draining. In school, people of all different personalities and backgrounds are put together to learn. This can be a useful learning experience, but also inevitably leads to a few clashes. I, being a self confessed people-pleaser, found it really difficult to get a long with everybody. I often put myself out for people unnecessarily, which became draining. The truth is, you will not get along with everybody you see and that is OK.

Hard work and organization is annoying, but necessary.  This is only learnt through trial and error, but I will leave that one with you. A hard worker will go a long way.

Enjoy yourself. Out of all of my lessons, this is the most important. School can be a pain. You are forced to learn things that do not fuel your fire and that you find boring, but hard work will help you through. Enjoy the time with your friends and cherish the security and help your teachers and the school environment gives you. It will be over before you know it (Oh God, I’m back at it again…).

‘Dark times lie ahead of use and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right’



Autumn Trends

Let’s get physical 

Thanks to Balenciaga’s Autumn Winter 2016 collection, sportswear has risen in popularity for this AW. Available and shown in most high street stores, their is no escaping this trend. Be gym ready and dress down in comfortable, yet stylish clothes this season. Look for block stripes and blue and red colours to style this trend. Baseball caps and gym bags to accessorize.

Autumn trends 2016 sports

1 ) New Look Jacket £19.99

2 ) New Look Block Stripe Jumper £15.99

3 ) New Look Cap £9.99

4 ) Topshop Joggers £34

5 ) Topshop Net crop top £15.00


It’s safe to say that velvet completely dominated A/W 16 fashion shows. From Prada, to Preen. This 90’s trend can be translated into your modern clothes. For a subtle look, combine the accessory trend of chokers, with velvet, and add a hint of velvet into your look. Velvet works well to create texture into your outfit. In a variety of colours, experiment with crushed and ruched velvet.


1 ) New Look Navy Velvet Funnel Neck Dress £24.99

2 ) Pink Velvet Tiger Kimono £68.00

3 ) Boohoo Crushed Velvet Full Skirt £5.00

4 ) Boohoo Velvet Choker £3.00


As seen by Kylie Jenner modelling in the Mui Mui AW16 show, military is making a comeback this season. Look for anything khaki and style with browns and beige’s. Look for badges and chains to accessorize.


1 ) Topshop Military Trench Coat £59.00

2 ) New Look Khaki Military Long Sleeve Shirt £17.99

3 ) New Look Khaki Military Badge Cap £9.99

4 ) River Island Camel Military Culottes £20

5 ) H & M Khaki Long Shirt £14.99

‘What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts go so fast. Fashion is instant language’

-Miuccia Prada

Back To School Essentials

When starting school, it is hard to know what you will need throughout the day. It is good to be prepared, but your shoulders are already being worn down by the large folders and bulky text books. And besides, by the end of the week, half of your stuff is missing and opened and you can’t even find a pen to write down important notes. We’ve all been there and pre-planning has never been one of my strong points. There is also the never ending struggle between finding effective products and the money you can spend. Students, notorious for being low on money, often have minimum wage jobs (if lucky enough to obtain one!), so must find the balance between finding good essentials, at an even better price. In order to prepare for the upcoming school year myself, I have compiled a list of the things that I most need for the school year, and share it with you in case you are wondering the same.


1 ) H&M Shopper Bag £17.99 – I am the worst at finding suitable and fashionable bags for school. In fact, anyone who I am with when I mention I need to look for one while shopping, rolls their eyes and groan in frustration. I can be very picky when finding bags, as I want them to look fashionable, yet remain suitable. They have to be big enough and strong enough. When faced with the start of a new term, I often turn to H&M for a new bag, as they always have very good and bags. Both basic and stylish for school. I found this one almost immediately when I walked into my local store. It came in black and this burgundy colour, I have many black bags so I decided to go for burgundy, it also conforms to the 1970s trend, which I am a massive fan of. And it is an affordable price as well!

2 ) Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19 – This is always my go to concealer, whatever the occasion, but especially for school. It really covers blemishes and dark circles (essential for school!), while still feeling really light on the skin. Again at an affordable price, this concealer is easy to slip into your bag and take out after PE or when you need a top up. I always take this with me and cannot recommend it enough!

3 ) Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder £3.99 – Throughout the school day, it is inevitable that your makeup is going to rub off of your face, and your skin turn shiny and oily. Especially after a PE lesson! Pressed powder is definitely best, as there is less of a chance of spillage and it is a lot more easy and convenient to use. Powder helps to keep your makeup fresh and looking nice. I love this Rimmel powder, as it is inexpensive and easy to take around. As for application, I have an old, small brush (probably very cheap as well) that I take around. Your brush does not need to be great when just being used in school.

4 ) Hand Gel £1.00 – I am a complete germaphobe. Obviously, when you’re in a building full of people, germs are inevitable. This is always handy to use before you eat, as you do not always have access to toilets, or have no desire to go in them (understandable). Even if you just want to sanitize hands, this is always just great to use. This is cheap and effective, and people will quickly want to be your friend as you are the only one who thinks of these things!

5 ) Nivea Lip Balm £1.65 – My lips always get dry, especially as we move into the colder months. This lip balm is convenient and handy to use, and quite inexpensive, as it lasts a long time. It helps dry and cracked lips, which can be painful. I also love shea butter! If your school does not allow lip colours, use a clear lip balm like this, but if you can get away with coloured lip, I recommend Baby Lips, which moisturize your lips while adding a subtle colour.

6 ) Lush Charity Pot £1.00 – Again, I always get dry hands in the colder months. After many tried and tested products, I found that charity pot works best for my skin. The trial size is only £1, and most of the proceeds go to charity. It is a perfect size and works wonders on my dry skin. The only issue is, obviously, it is in a pot, therefore it can be quite difficult and messy to get the lotion on your hands. Regardless, this product is one of my absolute essentials for school.

7 ) Impulse Body Spray £1.00 – Smelling nice is always a concern when at school. Whether after PE, or just in the middle of the day, it is nice to feel fresh. Be mindful of your schools rules on aerosols, but this impulse spray is cheap and easy to slip into your bag. Although not the most luxurious of scents, they are nice and easy to use. Definitely a must have.

‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’ 

-Eleanor Roosevelt