Victoria Beckham AW17 New York Fashion Week #NYFW

Claimed to be one of her ‘best collections yet’, Victoria Beckham took New York in her stride with the debut of her new Autumn/Winter 2017 collection.


Her family populated the front row, sat next to Anna Wintour. The family gifted Beckham a pre-show surprise of a bouquet of flowers to wish the brand good luck, as seen on her social media.

In a statement given before the show Beckham appeared to pay homage to the current political climate for women, with emphasis on the importance of speaking up and taking a stand against oppression. It seems that Beckham has the intention of moving away from showpieces and instead creating looks that could be worn in the bustle of everyday life.

This new re imagining of woman power in fashion saw Beckham display baggy silhouettes and androgynous styled clothing. The collection saw multiple pieces of tailored jackets and wide leg trousers, often donned by Beckham herself, take the runway. Very far away from the tightly fitted dresses of her previous collections, it seems that baggy is the new fitted.


It is notoriously hard to pull off wide fitting clothes in a sophisticated way that does not look like you’ve drowned in material from your parent’s wardrobe when you were younger. In fact, anyone who remembers arriving to school on the first day of term in a blazer four sizes too big and still feels the sting of the words ‘you’ll grow into it’ may not be the biggest fan of the new AW17 collection. The ample clothing, therefore, is not the most accessible to her clients. However, this collection seems to have perfected the best way to style and wear the clothes. Elegant, tailored and fresh. The collection is fundamentally a glimpse into Victoria Beckham’s own wardrobe.

Ahead of her show, Beckham even said “It’s always fundamentally about what I like to wear”. By using tailored suits, rich colours of navy, oxblood, red, oranges and wide leg trousers, Beckham has succeeded in sending a subliminal message of strength. No loud political statement is required, only the subtlety masculine figures.

Coats had large sculptural sleeves and the boots were knee high and slouchy, suggesting that baggy clothes and masculine figures are the way to go for Autumn Winter 2017. Contrasting with the block colours, vibrant patterns were used. Inspired by artist Paul Nash, Beckham created the colourful pattern injected into her collection. Despite the masculine clothing, there is always room for elegance and sophistication.

Before the collection launched, Beckham stated that  “I have always been about empowering women, and that’s never felt more relevant than it does this season.” The result, a collection very much celebrating narrow and yet fluid figures. Beckham described the collection shown in Downtown Manhattan as “emancipation with optimism” and “feminine with a practical streak”. A chic take on big jumpers and double breasted jackets shows a new style for Beckham, but admittedly one that works. The new relaxed style of clothing that could be seen on the woman herself proves successful and another great show was given by the brand; a show that combined political agenda with the power and hope of women, as well as the practicality of fashion itself. It seems that Beckham is accustomed to change up her brand, and perhaps the face of fashion itself.

Victoria Beckham RTW Fall 2017 Source

‘I think the sexiest thing about a woman is confidence, but confidence in a humble way, not in an arrogant way. Sense of humor is definitely important. And sunglasses always hide a multitude of sins. Sunglasses and a great pair of heels can turn most outfits around.’  

-Victoria Beckham


#NYFW Highlights

Being from England, New York seems like another planet. The style and culture have always been alluring, and yet inaccessible. Being a countryside girl, the promise of a fast paced and exciting environment is thrilling, and yet terrifying. Even in my trip to London, I found it difficult to comprehend the tunnel vision that city dwellers adopt. But I found myself captivated, involved and exhilarated.

I digress, but my thoughts are that I have never really given much attention to New York Fashion Week. Of course, I look at the pictures, retweet and read up on the shows, but that is as far as my involvement go’s. Compared to London Fashion Week, I have never really paid much attention to it. I suppose my distance from the show contributes, but to be frank, New York feels like an enigmatic world in which I am not involved. The strictness of the couture fashion differs greatly from the urban freeing atmosphere of LFW.

Wrongfully so, I have avoided delving in deeper to the NYFW world. This year, I have decided to change and really research the big world of New York fashion. I discovered that my aversions were not well founded and I have found the week just as great and thrilling as London. With just as much street style and talent. So, in my excitement, and frustration that I did not research this world earlier, I have decided to compile a blog post of my personal favourite highlights of NYFW.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta’s Spring 2017 runway show previewed a collection by new creative directors Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim. Renta’s name is iconic in the fashion world, and the collection was inevitably going to attract attention. For me, this collection echoed the essence of Oscar de la Renta throughout. Casual comfort met finesse. Ditching the high heels, comfortable and yet stylish sandals were worn by the models. White, fine lace was used throughout the collection, and white airy materials seems to be a favourite for this upcoming spring. Multicoloured fabrics and bold patterns also make an appearance, hinting towards the new Spring style for the season.

Thom Browne

The first word that comes to my mind when describing this collection is…fun. Perhaps different from the majority of other couture shows, Browne has injected a lot of youthful energy into his spring 2017 ready-to-wear collection. With materials and silhouette shapes that give a distinct nod to the 1960s, a certain amount of polished youth culture and rebellion is echoed throughout the clothes. This is perhaps one of my favourite shows of NYFW, the wacky setting with the clothes makes for a very exciting collection. Cartoon-esque bows and clothing, odd shoes and bright colours, who can resist? Browne also delivers many pastel colours, A-line dresses and dropped waistline to hint upcoming trends in spring 2017.

Tommy Hilfiger

As is his custom, Hilfiger gave a nod towards the nautical theme in his Spring ready-to-wear collection. With Gigi Hadid walking down the pier in  a navy ensemble, I couldn’t help but include this show in my highlights. After stalking everybody that was lucky enough to be invited to the show, it seems that the opening was very fun, and the setting a talking point for the rest of NYFW. Lots of neckties that resemble bandannas from the old American west, were worn. Hilfiger also adopted a few sporty looks into his collection, making it a great mix of sporty and nautical casual, with dresses and high leathers to make the show more edgy.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is one of the few designers who still churn out the good old fashioned fashion shows, in which people can sit down in a building and watch the art move past them. This is becoming increasingly rare in the fast paced and ever changing world of fashion, but it seems that Beckham is sticking to her roots. Not only that, but the show is good. The beginning of her fashion career, Beckham was faced with a lot of skepticism. But, through this fashion week especially, I think she has proved those critics wrong. Her collection is simple and yet elegant. The slouchy styles shows a bohemian vibes with structured garments. Beckham tackles the best of masculine trends, adding vibrant colours to spice up the simple garments. Simple and wearable, while still reaching effortless style.

Tune in for some more on New York Fashion Week and updates on the upcoming London Fashion Week.

‘You can never be overdressed or over educated’

-Oscar Wilde