How To Style: Summer Accessories 2017


All sunglasses featured can be found via Warby Parker

Summer is undoubtedly one of the best seasons to style. It is time to shove all of your winter boots and thick coats to the back of your wardrobe in order to make room for bright colours and summer dresses.  While the British summer is not always adequate enough to be considered, well… as summer, the new season is always a fitting excuse to undertake a major wardrobe reshuffle and embrace lighter fabrics.

I’m no stranger to shopping. In fact, I take great comfort in bagging myself a few great core pieces to adapt to any outfits. However, in my career as a shopper the one thing that I struggle with has yet to finish haunting my high street escapades: accessories.

In winter it is easy enough to throw a scarf on and be done with it. No thoughts about being too warm, or accessories being a nuisance. The days of styling Autumn/ Winter outfits and throwing on a few basic accessories are behind us. We must now face the battle of not being too overboard with our choices of accessories for the summer months, while still adding something extra to complete a look.

During my never-ending endeavour to find the perfect accessories to complement my summer wardrobe, I stumbled upon the perfect solution: sunglasses.

This may seem obvious- indeed it is difficult not to see everyone sporting a shaded frame in summer. In fact, I rarely leave the house without a pair resting on my head. This proves they are the most versatile and necessary accessory in any summer outfit if you want to actually see when you step out of the house.


The super accessory can be added to any outfit to instantly add a bit of demure to an otherwise simple look. However, through the summer period I have been through hundreds of pairs. Endless scrolls through Asos and picking up a £2 pair of sunnies from Primark every time I walk past have not lasted me well. The frames also don’t provide a great selection. So, with the weather getting warmer, I decided it is time to start looking to upgrading.

While it is easy enough to follow the trends and order those tortoise shell cat eye frames that you saw Kendall Jenner styling on Instagram; a number of other factors must be considered before pressing ‘confirm’. The shape of your face being the most notable. Admittedly, my slightly rounded face and has prevented me from pulling off many chic Instagram worthy frames. Most retailers show models with thin, pointy faces presenting the glasses and really not giving off the most realistic representation of what the sunglasses will really look like.

After many orders and endless disappointments- the answer to my sun shaded eyes appeared in the form of a website link. Warby Parker the retailer that is the answer to every sunglasses lover’s prayers. Upon entering the website, you can take a frame quiz that asks a series of questions that concern face shape, colour, materials and personal preference. From that, you may make a calculated decision- or rather they do it for you- on which frames suit your face best. In other words, they do all the work for you.  Click on sunglasses from there and the sun shaded world is your oyster.

However, what excited me most was the announcement of a new collection, available at Warby Parker from May 9th.


This new collection seems to be all about colour. With the new season, there is no better opportunity to sport a pair of vibrant frames. Similar to the colourful sunglasses found at Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci this Summer 2017. Favouring a mirrored lens, the slightly rounded frames are flattering on most face shapes and often a safe bet when you’re not sure which would suit you best. My favourite pair are the blue tinted rounded frames as I find them versatile and a perfect match for most of my summer wardrobe.

All glasses can be found here.


‘Sometimes you just have to bite your upper lip and put sunglasses on’

-Bob Dylan


How To Bring Summer Indoors

Britain never fails to produce disappointing summers. In fact, I am writing this post in joggers…in August. a mixture of rain and strong winds have engulfed our summer, and it is becoming increasing difficult to sit outside, read a book and enjoy the sun.

I love decorating and customizing my room to personalize it and make it my own, and with each new season, I like to add some things to the decor to change it up a bit. Summer was no exception. After countless hours of browsing on Pinterest, I compiled a list of pieces of furniture and decor items to make my room a bit more suitable for summer. Little did I know that this summer would be disappointing and I would be inside most of the time I am at home. So, I decided to share my favourite pins with you to show how to add subtle summer details into your home!

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From my many pins, the colour theme is the main thing that struck me. During summer, I love to have plain toned walls (white) and add colour and decoration into the furniture and wall art. This is also a good, easy and cheap way to reupholster and give life to old furniture- just give it a lick of paint and… voilà! A whole new piece. Particularly this season, my favourite colours for furniture are extremely bright. But these items of decor are sparse and give the room a pop of colour where it is needed and not to the point where it is overwhelming.  I really like yellows, pinks, blues and greens for summer and the boldness of the colours work well to reflect the vibes of the season.

There is no need to overcrowd furniture in your room, instead keep the walls a white or some sort of solid colour. To decorate, add wall art and garlands for texture and decoration. Embellishing your room can be anything from a bedside table to having a snazzy desktop background on your computer/laptop (just search free desktops on Pinterest). Add pillows, tassels and green plants, especially succulents to achieve effortless summer vibes throughout your room.

‘One benefit of summer was that each day we had more light to read by’

-Jeanette Walls